10 of my original gouache/watercolor pixies will be at the Girls Drawin Girls Booth #5628 at SDCC 2014 this weekend! If you’re going be sure to swing by the booth and check out all the wonderful work these ladies have created! <3 
I’ll be sending this watercolor/gouache painting to theGirls Drawin Girls booth at SDCC ! 
Pixie baby
Love drawing pearls!
I’ll be selling this original in Brooklyn 
At the Roebling Fair on June 29th!

Thanks for the fun ethnicity suggestions! I’m going to definitely put them on my list of things to draw! So keep an eye out! Thanks again! 💕


I want to try and draw different ethnicities…anyone have any suggestions? :)

Thumbelina for yesterday’s Sketch Dailies
A quick Maleficent 
Hopefully going to see it tonight!