Sept 2nd

I think I’ll be participating in World Art Drop day tomorrow

( )

So keep a look out tomorrow for a post!

Decided to do Green in gouache !
I’m very late to the #7daysofcolor that Victoria Ying has going over on twitter/instagram but heres RED ! Hopefully I’ll be able to do all 7 colors…its a great exercise and way to explore a different style 
Drummer girl
I’ve been eating a lot of pizza lately…I must be channeling my inner Mikey 

Lovely folks,
I might just have to do a giveaway soon almost at 900 
Thank you all for following <3 

A lot of the time I post sketches on my Instagram: @Rosanaeye&#160;!
TODAY JULY 26&#160;
I&#8217;m at the Roebling Fair in BROOKLYN
hosted by the Cotton Candy Machine! 
Come swing by if you&#8217;re in the area!