sinners-queen asked: hello, first nothing; sorry for the poor english, im from Chile and i just wanted to tell you that i REALLY love your art, your style of drawing is so perfect, i cant tell why but i just love it, it was so hard to find your own style? thank you<3

Hi!! Ooo from Chile thats awesome!
Thank you for the kind words! :D
Yeah finding a “style” was kinda hard for me since I didn’t know what I wanted to do art wise ( I still dont really lol) but I did narrow it down from drawing realistic to drawing more stylized/cartoon like. I’m still working on finding it and experimenting with it! 
Thanks for the question sinners-queen  !! :D 

Bunny Babe #5&#160;!
Bunny Babe #4&#160;
( I&#8217;m a day behind will post 5 tomorrow)
Bunny Babe #3
Bunny Babe #2!
I&#8217;m doing a Bunny Babe each day this week since Sunday is Easter 
Bunny Babe #1 💋
SKETCH GIVEAWAY OVER ON TWITTER @Rosanaeye&#160;! Follow n RT 
May 2nd I&#8217;ll pick a winner 
(Only a giveaway on twitter the tumblr giveaway will have more things so keep a look out!)
Selling this 4x6 sketch for $6&#160;
If interested email me at: 

I&#8217;m thinking about having original 4x6 sketches available for sale once a week or every 2 weeks



Roller Derby chick This original sketch might just be for sale at MoCCA fest in NYC  April 5&amp;6th at my table B28!

I purchased this sketch. :)

I was there when it happened!

justcallmegeekyg @bkspidey Thank you guys for stopping by and giving Roller Derby Girl a home! :) 
Come find me at MoCCA fest!